Honey Bear Gift Set

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Product Description

The Honey Bear Gift Set includes:

1 x  handmade Honey Bear made from cherished clothing and

1 x  ‘Time Stood Still’ frame.


The Honey Bear

The overall  price includes embroidery of a name and date of birth on the Honey Bear.

The number of items required to make this keepsake:
7-8 items of size 0-3 months
6-7 items of size 3-6 months
5-6 items of size 6-12 months
4-5 items for 12 months +/adult clothing
(more if you want variation)

(If there is any unused items, they will be returned)

Finished size of Honey bear is approximately 13”/33cm.

Remember if you want to give this as a gift but do not have access to the clothes, gift vouchers are available.

Visit our process section to see how it all works.


The Time Stood Still Frame


This gorgeous time stood still baby frame is the ideal way to cherish those special moments in your life. This gift set includes the small frame which is approximately 6 x 6 inches and can hold up to 3 clocks.

The colour of the frame is white and as this is a handmade product the colour/ shade/ pattern of the butterflies may vary from frame to frame.


Upon checkout please leave a note detailing the following:

  • The name and date of birth you would like embroidered onto the Honey Bear.
  • The full name, date of birth, time and weight to be displayed on the Time Stood Still Frame.


I am sure you can appreciate the time and effort that goes into these beautiful keepsakes, therefore depending on the demand, waiting times can vary. At present the waiting time from placing your order is 10-12 weeks. If there is any change, you will be notified by email.

Please note these stuffed animal keepsakes are not CE tested due to their bespoke composition therefore they are NOT designed or intended for use as a toy. They are not designed or intended for use by children under the age of 14. A home sewing machine is used in making these keepsakes with double stitching. Due to the detail on these keepsakes some sewing is done by hand. Safety eyes and noses are used if not sewn on. The stuffing is 100% CE polyester (organic kapok stuffing is available at an extra cost). These keepsakes would not withstand play by children due to the materials used. Miamama therefore does not accept any liability for misuse of these bespoke keepsakes.



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