Have you ever wondered what to do with those cherished pieces of clothing that you cannot part with? The ones that are probably stuck up in the attic and looked at once in a blue moon. The items that remind you of a special person or occasion in your life, the ones that tell a story.

Here at Miamama, we give you the opportunity to utilise these items of clothing and turn them into something that can be cherished on a more regular basis. You have the choice of various stuffed animals that just love to be cuddled from time to time or cushions that would look great on top of the bed or on the sofa. I also offer beautiful blankets made from a combination of family memories that you can cosy up with in front of the fire during cold winter nights.

There is an order form within each category to give you a choice of size if applicable and personalisation. Name and date of birth is included in the price but any additional details will incur an extra cost. Each category will provide you with specific details of the materials used alongside your items of clothing to produce the final product. Details of the number of required items of clothing will also be found here.

Most of the patterns I use are supplied by Funky Friends Factory so you can rest assured the designs are of the utmost quality.