Baby Yoga

What is Baby Yoga?

Baby yoga is becoming increasingly popular amongst new parents. These sessions are based on a gentle form of yoga known as ‘Hatha’ yoga. It is a sequence of dry massage combined with gentle movements, poses and stretches invigorating body and mind. The classes aim to be stimulating for baby but also fun through a combination of gentle music and well known rhymes. This amalgamation provides the perfect surroundings for a contented happy baby and parent.

4 week course
Drop in sessions

What the course involves?

Miamama offers parents and carers a 4-week course which will be held in a relaxed and friendly environment. Each class will last approximately 30-45 minutes and will be held weekly. You will be taught the basic principles surrounding baby yoga and the benefits it has on the body. Weekly handouts will be provided and you are encouraged to practice the moves at home with your child. Non-toxic and wipe clean mats are supplied and a spare demonstration doll will be available in the event of a sleeping baby so you can still practice the moves. At the end of the course, your baby will be presented with a certificate of completion.

I will ask you to fill in a disclaimer form before starting the course to ensure that there is no medical reason hindering your baby’s participation. If there is any medical conditions, it is always best to seek medical advice before starting a course.

Although baby yoga can be performed from 8 weeks, as some of the moves are best suited to babies over 16 weeks I have made this the minimum age restriction to my classes. Baby yoga is best suited to the pre crawling stage so therefore to avoid disappointment please be advised to wait until your baby is at least 16 weeks old with head control and not yet crawling, before signing up for one of my courses. This is a requirement so that both you as a parent and your baby get the most out of these classes.

Like massage, baby yoga is baby led so it should only be performed on a happy and willing baby. NEVER perform massage on a sleeping baby or a crying unsettled baby. As your baby comes first, if they need fed, changed or walked around during the class please do so.