Welcome to Miamama,

Miamama was founded in 2015 by myself- Elaine Anderson. It is one small company made up of three different aspects which all compliment the other. The first element of Miamama was developed due to my own experiences and research into baby skincare products. I realised that many baby products that were promoting kindness to skin were full of harmful toxins. I felt like I was going around in circles as so many products stated they were ‘natural’ but on examining them further they may only have had as little as 1 % natural ingredients, so what about the other 99%?

My aim was to help busy mothers purchase quality natural and organic products with the confidence that they are free of toxins. I decided to bring together all the quality products that I found within one site which are safe to use during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding and of course safe to use on our precious babies.

The products available on the site are strictly chosen to ensure that they are free from harmful toxins, that recyclable packaging is used were possible and are against animal cruelty. Please visit the product selection criteria for more details.

The second aspect of Miamama is to provide mothers in the Glens of Antrim and surrounding area with the opportunity to take part in baby yoga and massage classes.

After attending a one off session of baby massage and yoga, I realised that these classes were a great way for me to spend uninterrupted time with my daughter. I noticed that for the first time, I was actually enjoying singing to her and my smiles were not forced. After realising these benefits, I was desperate to attend a course of these classes with my daughter but unfortunately there was nothing available in my area.

Due to my personal experience and the lack of this service in my area, I decided to undertake the required training with the aim to help other mothers who may be struggling with motherhood. I became a fully qualified baby yoga and massage instructor which is fully accredited by the Royal Collage of Midwifes (RCM). Now I can offer mothers frequent classes in my local area and with any luck, they will embrace and enjoy this special time with their little one and if there is any problems with bonding, hopefully these classes will help relieve this pain and heartache.

Finally I am sure many of you can relate to the want and need to cherish precious memories. Your childhood, school days, wedding, birth of a child or in loving memory of someone close to you who has passed away. Due to these latter 3, being able to treasure memories became very important to me.

Like many of us I could not part with certain items of clothing as they held so many fond memories, from the dress my mum wore to my wedding or the first baby grow that Mia wore when she was born. I decided to use them for something rather than letting them go to waste. So I took sewing classes and decided to turn Mia’s first baby grows into a lovely patchwork quilt followed by a stuffed bear and then a duck and the family has grown to almost a small petting farm full of stuffed keepsake animals.

As requests started pouring in, I decided to start making these keepsakes for others who may want to cherish memories of their little one, a family member who has passed away or a present for a loved one. I want to make other people feel as happy as I was at being able to cherish these memories for a lifetime by turning those much loved clothes into something very special. Being a mum and someone who has suffered grief, I know just how precious these items are to you so rest assured that I will treat them with the care and respect that they deserve.

Overall my aim was to develop a website where busy mothers can easily access and navigate with the added benefit of being offered three different services under the one roof. I am devoted to providing a high quality service and dedicated to providing mothers with the reassurance of safe, kind products for themselves and their baby. The reason I have developed this company is because I care about my customer due to my own experiences. I hope I have achieved my aim.