aloe vera and animals

Aloe Vera and Animals

Did you know Aloe Vera is not just for humans?

I didn’t. It wasn’t until this year when looking into the benefits of Aloe Vera for myself that I learnt that animals as small as hamsters to animals as large as horses and even Zoo animals could benefit from Aloe Vera. Having pets myself (3 cats- Bailey, Meeka and Marshall) I was interested in finding out a bit more about how it could help my fur babies. I was particularly interested in how it could help  one of my pedigree ragdolls Bailey. For the last year or so he was having digestive problems which were concerning.
I tried changing his food a number of times with no improvement. I got blood tests done (which totally stressed him out, the vet remarked he was vicious which is not how I would describe him, he would lick you to death with love and kindness) anyway these came back normal.

The solution to our problem

By this time Bailey was losing weight so a stool sample was sent off which also came back normal. It was advised that the next step was further bloods. This was going to cost around £300 with no guarantee that we would get an answer to the problem. So I decided to look into Aloe Vera more and bought the book by David Urch – Aloe Vera – Nature’s Gift: Aloe Vera in Veterinary Practice. I learnt that similar to us humans, Aloe Vera appears to work on a number of bodily systems in animals. It benefits conditions affecting the skin, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the urinary and genital systems, the eyes, the ears and the musculo-skeletal system. After reading this I decided to try the Aloe Vera drinking gel in his food to see if that would help.
Within a few days we noticed the improvement, he was back to having solid poo’s (sorry). I was delighted and so was my husband although he was a bit sceptical that it was the Aloe Vera that helped.
Anyhow we continued that daily dose with success but due to a family holiday he missed a few doses which resulted in the problem reoccurring. I immediately continued with the Aloe Vera with success. Still my husband was not fully convinced that he was better due to the Aloe Vera until a third time he missed a dose in which resulted the following day with diarrhoea and on commencing the Aloe Vera -improvement again. Needless to say my husband is now convinced it is down the the drinking gel.

Over the Moon

To say I am over the moon with the outcome is an understatement. Bailey is putting on weight, he doesn’t have diarrhoea daily and his coat is like silk. Actually so is his sister’s who gets the Aloe Vera for the goodness of it. I have saved a fortune in vets bills and prevented any more stress to my cat.
Would I recommend trying this product on your cherished animal, definitely yes I would.

So what to look out for when buying Aloe Vera products

Here is a few things to look out for when purchasing your Aloe Vera. Many products contain Aloe Vera but in various quantities. The higher the Aloe Vera content, the better the product, so make sure you check this out first. Also another thing to be mindful of is whether the product is accredited  by the International Aloe Science Council. This independent organisation evaluates the quality of Aloe products, if they meet the strict criteria and standard, they are accredited. A company that is highly recommended for its Aloe Vera products is Forever Living as the products are of high quality and high aloe content that is accredited. They also offer a 60 day money back guarantee with all their products which is a huge bonus.
I hope this information is of some help to you and your fur companions. If you have a success story like mine please feel free to share with us.