No it is not natural

Seriously some people make me laugh…


I’ve just seen a post asking was the lavender in a well known baby talc natural as she couldn’t tell as all it stated on the list of ingredients regarding the scent was ‘fragrance’.
It really winds me up even products that report they are ‘natural’ but you look at the ingredients and there it is ‘fragrance‘ or ‘parfum‘ as it is also referred to. Fragrance or parfum is considered a trade secret so the chemicals (which can be up in the 100’s by the way) is kept confidential 🤔 interesting that isn’t it. So next time you go to buy that ‘natural’ product including the ‘natural‘ baby products look at the ingredients. If you see fragrance or parfum put it down.

Why are people still not being conscious about what they use on their skin?

This lady in question obviously hasn’t read about the lawsuits against a well known company claiming their products cause cancer!!! Yes that’s right probably the largest pharmaceutical company which makes your baby products claiming to be kind for babies skin which in actual fact is full of harmful chemicals.

Conveniently this same company also produces cancer treatment drugs. Make money causing the problem to also make money treating the problem, genius well done.

Just because it is on the shelf for sale does not mean it’s safe. It all relies on you becoming more aware of what ingredients to avoid.

So in answer to your question NO, NONE of that particular brands products contain any safe ingredients never mind natural and the same for many others on the high street.

Time to become aware of what you put on your skin because remember what goes on your body goes in your body.