A Special Christmas Gift For Mum To Be

Getting that special Christmas gift for the mum to be in your life can be difficult. Clothes can be a bit tricky and wine is definitely out of the question. Skincare is an option but you are unsure about all the do’s and don’ts with pregnancy (there is so many, it is hard to keep up).

gift for mum to be

Buying for mum to be does not have to be difficult and here at Miamama we make it very easy for you. We have taken away this particular stress as we cater solely for mum to be, new mums and babies. We are well aware of the concerns that most pregnant women have regarding what they eat, drink and put on their skin which is completely understandable because what we take into and put onto our bodies affects not only us but also our unborn babies.


no parabens


Having this in mind, Miamama is very cautious about the products we stock.  We only offer luxury organic and natural skincare products which are completely safe to use during pregnancy.  All our products are free from parabens, SLS, artificial fragrance (parfum), mineral oils, alcohol and any of the other nasties which are found in a majority of high street brands, giving mum to be that reassurance that she is only putting the safest of ingredients onto her skin.

Pregnancy can be difficult as there are many unpleasant symptoms which women have to go through which is all the more reason for being pampered. We offer a wide selection of gift sets which make the perfect treat for any mum to be or new mum. Here at Miamama we are dedicated to giving mums the peace of mind that they are only using the very best. You can find our range of skincare here and don’t worry if you do not know what to buy, we also offer gift vouchers.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas,

Best wishes from Miamama.