mums with babies who suffer from colic

Mums with babies who suffer from colic

This article is for all mums with a baby who suffers from colic.
Is your baby having frequent episodes of excessive crying, typically in the evening time?
Is your baby clenching their fists and pulling their knees up to their stomach as if in pain?
Are they arching their back?
Is your baby having continuous periods of fussing and being unsettled when put down?
Have you been told by your health visitor that it is colic and it will get better on its own in a few months?
Are you feeling distressed, exhausted and hopeless as everything you do to try and settle your wee one is not working?
Have you ever heard of Baby Massage?
A baby with colic, often suffers from a hard and uncomfortable abdomen. Baby Massage helps relieve this discomfort through a series of strokes which can help relax and sooth your baby whilst also giving you that bit of hope that you are helping to relieve your babies discomfort. Being a mum myself, I am well aware of how distressing it is to not be able to comfort your little one despite all efforts.
Here at Miamama we run a series of classes in different locations throughout the Glens of Antrim and Causeway Coast to offer mums like yourself that opportunity to learn these sequences and give you reassurance and support that your not alone. These classes are fantastic as it enables you to meet other like minded mothers who are going through the same experiences as yourself whilst giving you that opportunity of doing that little extra thing to help your little one during this difficult time.
To find out more about baby massage and our next available courses click here