The reason why I do what I do

One of the reasons why I do what I do

When I had my daughter I done everything advised to help prevent PND. It was not until I attended a one off session of baby massage that alarm bells started ringing. This was the first time I felt my smile was not false, the first time I truly enjoyed singing to my daughter and the first time I did not care what was going on around me because this was me and baby time.

Having realised I needed some help, I started looking for a baby massage course in my area only to be disheartened with the lack of this service outside Sure Start areas.

Anyway I went back to my job feeling like a rubbish mum having to leave my daughter with the childminder, with my breast pump at hand, having to express during my break and hoping I did not get too engorged in the meantime. It did not take long before the straw broke the camels back and my world started spinning out of control.

I realised I had to look at a few things in my life to gain control again. Naturally being a nurse I had that caring aspect but what did I REALLY want to do with it? I kept being pulled back to the thought of “if only I had been able to attend a baby massage course, This may not have been so bad”.

So with that in mind, I decided to take action and do something about it. I completed my baby massage and yoga instructors course so I can now offer this fantastic service to other ladies who may be having difficulties with attachment.

I have such a strong belief that this service has so many benefits for mum and baby and such a drive to help even that one mum who may be experiencing problems with bonding.

What do you do to maintain a healthy bond with your baby?

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Written by Elaine Anderson- Founder of Miamama 27/06/2016