Monkey Book Giveaway

Is your child about to start school?


Going for their first visit to the dentist?


Going for an injection?

With honest writing, written for – and speaking to – children, these Monkey wellbeing books were developed to help familiarise children with the new environment they will experience, whilst encouraging discussion between parents and their child.

These storybooks– Prepares, Educates, Reassures and Supports both parents and child.

There are 7 books available at the moment which include:

Monkeys’s Family Visits the Dentist

Monkey Visits Grandpa in the Hospital

Monkey Goes to School

Monkey Has a Blood Test

Monkey Has an Operation

Monkey Has an Injection

Monkey Has an Asthma Attack

 Miamama is so excited about these books that we are giving away a FREE booklet of your choice to those who have signed up for our newsletter.

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