miamamas green nappy bag

Miamama’s Green Nappy Bag Essentials

Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our body?

And did you know that 60 % of what we put on our skin is absorbed into the bloodstream?

So is it surprising when I say to you that it is so important to be aware of what we put on our skin especially our precious babies.

There are so many children’s products found in popular high street stores but it is important for parents to be aware that many of them contain ingredients such as parabens, SLS, petroleum and synthetic fragrances which can consist of up to 200 chemical components.

These ingredients along with the many other chemicals found in certain skincare products, can obviously cause skin irritation in children.

Due to recent media coverage and increased concerns regarding the safety of high street skincare products, Miamama has put together a list of essential green nappy bag products.


Beyond Organic Skincare Happy Baby Balm 

This Chamomile, Calendula & Vanilla organic baby balm ‘Happy Baby’ is just wonderful for nappy rash and cradle cap. It is fabulous for an all over pampering after a bath to help protect, soothe and calm sensitive skin.

This balm contains gentle, natural plant extracts which help to heal, soothe, and protect baby’s delicate skin.

It is Moisturising, non-allergenic and anti-inflammatory.

For those of you who like vanilla you will love this, with its calming vanilla scent from real vanilla pods.


Beaming baby organic sensitive baby wipes  

These are the most popular certified organic baby wipes in the UK. They are free of parabens, alcohol, detergents or chlorine and are flushable. The 100% Bio-Degradable cloth material is made from totally GM free sustainably grown trees, helping to give your baby the healthiest start to life. These wipes are made with loads of organic aloe Vera, therefore helping to sooth nappy rash and sensitive skin.

Vegan Society approved. Not tested on animals.



Beaming baby biodegradable nappies  

Beaming Baby’s Bio-Degradable Nappies contain 40% LESS chemicals than standard nappies (and 15% less than other eco-nappies). Not only have beaming baby radically reduced the chemicals in these nappies, but they have also introduced a revolutionary naturally breathable layer against your baby’s skin. Combined with a totally GM free absorbent core to keep the wetness away from your baby’s bottom for up to 12 hours. Gently infused with chamomile to protect and sooth sensitive skin, giving your baby the perfect solution for naturally healthy skin.


Beaming baby biodegradable nappy sacks   

These nappy sacks contain an additive, put into the plastic at the extrusion stage, that will make the finished product “Oxo-biodegradable” so that it will 100% degrade and disappear in only 2-5 years, leaving no fragments, no methane and no harmful residues.


Simply Gentle cotton balls  

Organic cotton balls have a number of uses for the whole family. They are ideal for drying baby’s fingers and toes, removing dirt and grime or cleaning areas around cuts and grazes.

The Organic Cotton Wool is grown without artificial pesticides, working in harmony with the environment to support biodiversity using a natural pest management system. Gentle on the environment. Certified by The Soil Association.

By Elaine Anderson 16/06/2016